About Noor

Noornabi Zarief is a Riyadh, Saudi Arabian based filmmaker who routinely travels the globe documenting corporate movies for high profile clients and wedding for discerning couples. He has a Bachelor’s Degree on Business Information Technology from University of Greenwich, London. Noor have worked primarily as a director, architectural photographer, drone pilot and cinematographer.

While Noor continually develop his own passion projects, he also spend much of his time assisting other filmmakers in the creation of their films or cinematography. Through his production company, The Idea Factory Films (www.ideafactory-films.com).  Noor have been fortunate to have taken part in the completion of innumerable corporate films, architectural documentation cinematography, broadcast content, weddings and commercials. At the moment, his time is split between his passion to film making and photography and his company.

What excites Noor most about filmmaking today is that the filmmakers have the ability to create exceptionally high quality content without the need for huge budgets – simply by harnessing the power of the tools we have at hand, and gaining the knowledge we need to make the most of them. Great films at their core are simply great stories, no matter how large or small their budgets are. With today’s tools and resources at our fingertips, the potential for telling moving stories is limitless.